Over 200 KR Alumni attended our annual event in January 2011.  Professor Brian Uzzi was guest speaker, whilst Drum Cafe provided the entertainment
Over 200 KR Alumni attended our annual event in January 2011. Professor Brian Uzzi was guest speaker, whilst Drum Cafe provided the entertainment

Kellogg Alumni Club of Recanati - Middle East

The Middle-East's top Executive MBA program

The Board of the Kellogg-Recanati Alumni Club is striving to build sufficient value to make our club a key differentiator for future students selecting MBA education in the Middle-East.  The KR Alumni Club currently has 700 members. (Read more)

Over 200 attended our Club's largest annual gathering on 10th January 2011 at the Daniel Hotel, Herzelia Pituach.  They say 'a picture speaks more than a thousand words', so enjoy the two short video clips, below.

Following elections in 2010 for Board members of the Kellogg-Recanati Alumni Club, 2011 welcomes a new Board, with new members, new ideas, and new projects being defined and planned.  In addition to a major event on 10th January, alumni can look forward to KR Connect, KR Pride, the crystalisation of using social networks and much more.  Details to follow in due course.  Our 10th January annual alumni event and KR Connect will be significantly enhanced via significant commitments from 2 alumni from KR13, the newly graduated KR class ,who are already clearly getting into the spirit of our club's alumni helping alumni culture.

Over 150 Kellogg-Recanati alumni braved the stormy weather to attend the 2009 Deans Dinner in Tel-Aviv on 2nd November, attended by Kellogg's Dean Emeritus Dipak Jain and Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs, and by Recanati's Dean Asher Tishler.  The event welcomed the class of KR12, who graduated the day before, to the 600+ strong KR Alumni Club.


Nearly 200 people attended the 2008 KR Alumni Club's Deans' Dinner on 3rd November.  Professor Manuel Trajtenberg presented his perspective on the Israeli market in the shade of the current financial crisis.  Alumni raised NIS 3,500 for the Rogozin School, and newly married Miriam Warshaviak, (KR10), won a weekend for 2 in the Hilton Queen of Sheba, Eilat!  Our thanks to Mike Jacobs (KR-HT01) who provided the FunPix photo booth that captured 150 'moments', and to Ronen Shay, (KR01), for donating the raffle prize of a weekend for 2 in the Hilton Queen of Sheba, Eilat. (Photo Album)


Kellogg alumni from Israel, USA, Germany, Austria, UK and Benelux participated in the first global Kellogg Alumni Club web event, on 6th November.  Keynote speaker was Bill Burnett, who presented 'Innovation Management'.  Bill served as Senior VP of Global Operations and Senior VP of Strategic Initiatives, for Diners Club International.  After his presentation, Bill answered online questions from alumni sitting thousands of miles apart and spanning several time zones! Our thanks to the Kellogg Alumni Club of Germany for organizing this event, and for inviting KR Alumni to take part. 

Ten KR09 alumni went camping for the weekend of 10th October in the north of Israel.  Together with kids and spouses, there were about 35 people.  Lots of great memories! (Photo Album)

10 KR Alumni, mostly from KR09, enjoyed a week diving in the Maldives, in mid-September.  This trip represented the third KR09 led diving trip.  In 2007 the group went to Croatia, and in 2006 to Turkey. (Photo Album)

Nearly 70 alumni enjoyed the 5th joint KR and Recanati EMBA alumni club event on 9th September 2008.  Professor Theo Peridis both educated and entertained the audience in the packed lecture room with his presentation on thinking out of the box strategies.  In addition to the lecture, the evening was designed to encourage and enable networking, and as a result, the majority of the event attendees stayed for at least an hour after the lecture, to both get to know other attendees and to enjoy the quality refreshments kindly provided by the KR program. (Photo Album)

Special 2007 edition of Kellogg-Recanati MBA Handbook published

6 years after it was published in print format and on the web at www.kr04.net, the Kellogg-Recanati MBA Handbook, which summarises 27 courses of the Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA Program, has been published in PDF format. (Read more)

Kellogg-Recanati video clips published on YouTube

Visit the new KR on YouTube! section of our website to view memories of KR, captured on video and hosted on YouTube. Video clips include the December 2006 'Celebrating 10 years of KR' event, the 2004 Deans Dinner, and a trackside interview at a Formula-KR Go-Karting event.

The 2006 Deans Dinner - 'Celebrating 10 years of KR' (Read more)


Over 350 KR alumni, students, spouses, KR staff and professors attended our 'Celebrating 10 Years of Kellogg-Recanati' event, held on 3rd December 2006.  The evening included a balance of networking, entertaining, recognising, awarding, dancing, and of course, eating and drinking!  Over 70 photos are available in the 'Celebrating 10-years of KR' section of our Photo Album. You can also watch a 10-minute video clip of the event, and a profesionally edited 2 minute movie screened at the event opening, in our KR on YouTube ! section. 

Read more about this, and previous key events, in our Deans Dinner section. 

KR Alumni Club wins 3 top Kellogg Awards in 3 years ! (Read more)


2004 - International Kellogg Alumni Club of the Year


2005 - Outstanding Achievement in Club Leadership Award


2006 - International Kellogg Alumni Club of the Year

When Kellogg announced it would give out just 3 awards per year to recognize the top Kellogg Alumni Clubs around the world, the KR Alumni Club would not have dreamed that it would become the only Club of 100 Kellogg Alumni Clubs worldwide, to win a prestigious Award each year, for the last 3 years!  To put the achievement into perspective, only one other Club, the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago, Kellogg's host city, and 40 times larger than the KR Alumni Club, has won an Award twice.  Click here to read more about the Awards, about why they are so important for the KR Alumni Club, and of course, so see how we celebrated winning them.

KR Branding Photo Competition winners announced (Read more)

1st place - Ayelet Oron (KR06) & family.  A day out at the beach, with all the family wearing KR branded items!   2nd place - Ido Dan (KR09), entertains Ethiopian immigrants, having just delivered supplies to northern shelters, during the war.   3rd place - Ian Leopold, KAAB member, wears a KR Alumni Club t-shirt in Madison Square Gardens, New York.   4th Place - Avi Shai (KR04) wearing his KR t-shirt at Stanford University, California

Over 2,000 KR Branded items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, sports bags, beach towels, camping/beach chairs, key-rings,  and umbrellas have been given out to KR Alumni over the last 5 years!  The KR Photo Branding competition invited KR Alumni to submit photos of KR Branded items being used in public, to demonstrate how KR Branded items are being used to enhance the KR Brand.  Over 50 photos were submitted, capturing KR in Vietnam, USA, India, Israel and more. The 4 winning photos are shown above.  Congratulations to Ayelet Oron, (KR06), who won the first prize of 2 nights at the exclusive Hilton Queen of Sheba Hotel, Eilat !

KR Alumni Club in the Kellogg press.

Alumni Helping Alumni (Read more)

From a humble beginning in 2002, when 2 KR alumni co-sponsored a KR Alumni Club event for the first time, our Club's Alumni-Helping-Alumni culture has grown such that 40 KR Alumni have now sponsored KR Alumni events a total of 65 times.  In addition to facilitating quality events that are heavily subsidized, this generosity has funded KR and KR Alumni Club branded items that are given to KR Alumni attending the larger events, and are sent to Kellogg and to Kellogg Alumni Clubs around the world.  To date, KR branded items include KR sweatshirts, KR beach and hand towels, KR key rings, KR sports bags, KR T-shirts, KR camping chairs and KR umbrellas.  This 'collection' of KR branded goods is carefully chosen to contribute to increasing the visibility of the KR Brand, both on a local and global basis.

The KR Alumni Club recognizes KR Alumni who repeatedly help other alumni, by sponsoring club events.  The Silver Award recognizes alumni who have sponsored 3 Club events, whilst the Gold Award recognizes alumni who have sponsored 5 events.  Special congratulations to Ronen Shay (KR01), the first recipient of the Gold Award, in December 2006!


Kellogg-Recanati Cares (Read more)

On 1st April 2005, the KR Alumni Club launched our Kellogg-Recanati Cares initiative with our first Community Project, in which 25 KR alumni renovated a special school for under-privileged children. 

This was swiftly followed by our July 2005, launch of our second Kellogg-Recanati Cares initiative, in which KR alumni and KR students work throughout the school year to help give under-privileged children a chance of a better future.  At one school, KR volunteers give weekly lectures, and monthly hosted company tours, to expose the kids to the real world we are more familiar with, and to hopefully motivate them to make something of themselves.  In parallel, at another school, other KR volunteers offer weekly one-on-one maths, English or sciences tuition. Click here to read the letter sent to all KR Alumni. Over 40 KR alumni, students and staff have volunteered for this program.  In May 2006, the KR Cares team announced the extension of its Bridge to the Business World' program to a second school, due to an 'overflow' of KR alumni who volunteered to participate.  Congratulations to Gabi, Nimrod and Ayelet for taking this already successful community services project to new heights !  You can read more about how KR Alumni and KR students have been trying to make a difference to under-privileged kids at KR Cares Diaries.

During July-August 2006, when Israel entered a state of war, the KR Alumni Club and KR students entered 'emergency mode', and initiated and managed a major humanitarian aid project, called Aid for the North. 6 large trucks, 10 vans and 70 cars shipped $700,000 of well needed supplies, directly to those who needed them, in the north of Israel.  See the Kellogg-Recanati Cares section and the Photo Album section for more details.

Kellogg Worldwide Wednesday - Formula KR Go-Karting

In September 2004 and 2005, the KR Alumni Club went Go-Karting, as part of Kellogg's Worldwide Wednesday, in which over 50 Kellogg Alumni Clubs, worldwide, held an event on the same day. Click here to view a video interview with Mick Bechtel, Kellogg Alumni Relations, who flew to Israel to participate in the 2005 event and took home, the Silver Medal!  View 2004 and 2005 photos in the Photo Album section, or watch a video clip of some driving action, and also a video clip of KR's message to Kellogg from the 2004 event.

Power Up - Accessing the Kellogg Alumni Network (Read more)

Now that you've graduated, you have a unique opportunity to harvest the value offered by the Kellogg Alumni Network, giving you fingertip, online access to tens of thousands of Kellogg Alumni, worldwide.  Over 100 KR Alumni have activated their new alumni accounts, to date.  Click on Power Up - Getting Started! to activate your account, and to learn how to use the service.

Events - 61% of KR Alumni participated in our alumni club's online Alumni Survey, meaning that we know what types of events and activities the majority of our alumni want. With this in mind, the following table summarizes recent events, and what we plan to deliver over the next months:

Date Detail
Oct 2003 Deans Dinner 2003.  Largest annual gathering of KR Alumni
Dec 2003 Wine event
Jan 2004 Joint event with INSEAD alumni club
Apr 2004 Strengthening of the KR Alumni Board
May 2004 Presentation of KR Alumni Club to KR students about to graduate
Jun 2004 Joint event with Apax Partners - Keynote speaker: Kellogg's Professor Gulati
Sep 2004 Formula KR - Go-Karting - Part of 'Kellogg Worldwide Wednesday'
Nov 2004 Dean's Dinner 2004.  Largest annual gathering of KR Alumni.  Major celebration of Award from Kellogg
Jan 2005 Power Up - Maximize KR alumni using the new, global Kellogg Alumni Network
Jan 2005 700 DVDs containing 2 movies of the 2004 Deans Dinner sent to all KR Alumni, all Kellogg Alumni Club leaders, Professors of the KR program, co-chairs of all KAAB subcommittees, Kellogg Alumni Relations, and more ....
Feb 2005 Joint event with Recanati Executive MBA Alumni Club
Mar 2005 KR Women's Fund - Guest speaker, Iris Beck, VP Marketing, Orange Israel
Apr 2005 First KR Alumni Club community event launches 'Kellogg-Recanati Cares' initiative
Jun 2005 KR Power Up Survey - Surveying the 100+ KR alumni who have already Powered Up
Jun 2005 Joint event with Apax Partners
Jul 2005 Second Kellogg-Recanati Cares project launched, in conjunction with student class of KR09
Sep 2005 Formula KR - Go-Karting - Part of the 2nd Kellogg Worldwide Wednesday
Nov 2005 Deans Dinner 2005.  Largest annual gathering of KR Alumni
Nov 2005 Joint speaker event with Recanati Executive MBA Alumni Club
Dec 2005 Harvard Business School/ Wharton-Penn Annual Gala Event
Feb 2006 KR Alumni dinner guests of 60 Chicago businessmen, visiting Israel
Feb 2006 First major meeting of Palestinian KR Alumni
May 2006 Lunch with the Mayor of Chicago
Jun 2006 KR Branding Photo Competition launched
Jul 2006 Joint speaker event with Recanati EMBA
Sep 2006 KR Women's Forum event
Dec 2006 Deans Dinner 2006 - 10 year celebration - With over 350 attendees, the alumni club's most memorable event
Mar 2007 Kellogg speaker event - Professor Adam Galinsky, 'Power Corrupts'
Jul 2007 Kellogg speaker event - Professor Ithai Stern, 'Flattery, Attraction & Strategy - What's the connection?'
Sep 2008 Prof. Theo Peridis - Joint speaker event with Recanati Executive MBA Alumni Club
Sep 2008 10 KR alumni went diving in the Maldives ... the third KR diving trip in 3 successive years
Nov 2008 Deans Dinner 2008 - 200 people attended the 2008 Deans' Dinner on 3rd November
Nov 2008 KR Alumni participate in the first, global Kelloog Alumni Club web event, organized by the Kellogg alumni club of Germany
Dec 2008 Joint KR/Recanati EMBA event - Ignazio Visco, Deputy Director General of Banca d'Italia guest speaker. 
Jan 2009 Joint event with Recanati EMBA alumni - Panel of KR and Recanati EMBA executives discussed the global economic crisis 
Apr 2009 Panel: Women in management - Related issues, dilemmas and challenges 
Jul 2009 Speaker event - Professor Yitzchak Fried, Management Department, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University
Oct 2009 Kellogg Connect - First International Kellogg event, held in Eilat, Israel 
Nov 2009 Deans Dinner 2009, Tel-Aviv.  Held i nthe presence of Kellogg's Dean Emeritus Dean Jain and Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs 

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