Meet the KR Board

The KR Alumni Club Board includes several categories of volunteers, which together enables the Board to consistently deliver quality events and activities, and as summarized below:

1. Core team

The 'core team' is the collective name for the KR Alumni Board members who regularly, actively participate in the thinking behind and the organization of KR Alumni Club events and activities.  This core team has grown significantly over the last 2 years, and is the nerve centre of the Board of the KR Alumni Club.  The simplest way for the Board of the KR Alumni Club to be able to deliver even more value is to continue to grow this team.

Core team members include the following:

 Class  Name
 KR02  Jonathan Berger
 KR02  Ygal Dikovsky
 KR04  Stuart Ballan
 KR04  Orna Barkat
 KR05  Nadav Berger
 KR06  Uri Wardinon
 KR06  Ayelet Oron
 KR07  Terry Gerstner

2. Class representatives - Events

Every graduated KR class has an active class representative associated with it, related to Events.  These class representatives play an instrumental part in maximizing the attendance of KR Alumni related to KR Alumni from their respective classes.  Typically, they are collectively responsible for 50% to 60% of the attendance at the larger KR Alumni Club events.  As such, even though their services are not called on on a daily basis, when they are asked to help, they always deliver.  Details of individual class representatives can be found in the table below.

3. Class representatives - Kellogg-World magazine

Every graduated KR class has an active class representative associated with it, related to helping secure new material for Kellogg-World magazine.  About 3 times a year, Kellogg-World magazine, Kellogg's most prestigious printed publication, requests input and articles from alumni classes regarding career changes, personal changes, class events, etc.    This team directly communicates with their respective classes, requests new material, prepares a response to Kellogg combining information from multiple class members, and submits a package of information to the Editor of Kellogg-World magazine, within a deadline and formatted to publication guidelines.  This activity is a key contribution to continuing to enhance the KR visibility and brand in the eyes of the readership of Kellogg-World magazine.  Details of individual class representatives can be found in the table below

4. Observers

The KR Alumni Board also includes a number of observers, who attend KR Alumni board meetings, offer suggestions and advice, but are less active in day-to-day alumni club activities.  Often, these Board members simply don't have the time to actually organize events, however their perspectives are always valuable.  Over the last years, we have seen some 'observers' becoming significantly more active as either their personal circumstances change, or as they identify activities that are of specific interest to them.

5.  KR Admin team

The KR team is an integral partner in the activities of the KR Alumni Club.  The KR Alumni Club's Board maintains excellent communication and relationships with KR, and KR Board meetings are usually attended by 2 members of the KR team.

6. Summary of Class representatives

The following table summarizes both categories of 'Class Representatives', as discussed above:




 KR01  Kim MacMilan  Kim MaxMillan
 KR02  Jonathan Berger  Jill Marie-Reinach
 KR03  Abdul Malek Al-Jaber  Netta Rotman
 KR04  Orna Barkat  Stuart Ballan
 KR05  Nadav Berger  Nadav Berger
 KR06  Ilan Azouri  Ilan Azouri
 KR07  Terry Gerstner  Terry Gerstner
 KR08  Gabi Campos  Sharon Schreiber
 KR-HT01  Mike Jacobs  Mike Jacobs
 KR-HT02  JJ Sussman  JJ Sussman
 KR-HT03  Amnon Harshoshanim  Amnon Harshoshanim





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